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It sucks to rely on "the team" for new leads! You have zero control. If you're ready to take your real estate business, and your lead generation into your own hands, and get a crap load of leads, you're in the right place.

The Massive Agent Society is an exclusive coaching program for agents & lenders, providing a large collection of modern, proven Facebook Ad campaigns, a powerful Referral Network, a Members Only community, Training, and direct access to coaching.

Members also get free access to our archive of past Leads Webinars, and a ticket to all future webinars, regardless of the ticket price for non-members.

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Proven Facebook Ad Database

Stuck on what kind of ad to run? Don't reinvent the wheel. Just copy our Facebook Ads that are proven to produce leads. Buyer ads, Seller ads, branding ads, open house ads, etc. Just copy/paste and hit Publish. 

POWERFUL Exclusive Referral Network

Since you'll likely be one of only a few agents or lenders in your market, this creates what will be the most powerful, most lucrative Referral Network in the industry. Every member is generating leads like crazy, and will have lots of referrals to give out.

Drip Campaigns That Convert

All Massive Agent Society members get access to Dustin Brohm's personal drip campaigns, which can be imported or copied into your CRM. Stop messing around trying to find the "perfect" emails and texts. Just copy ours!

"Dustin amazes me with his understanding of Facebook ads. He helped me hone my skills and the first ad I ever ran, after training with him, got me MEGA results and engagement. Definitely an awesome investment to up your real estate game."

Sue "Pinky" Benson
Realtor, REMAX Dream

"Dustin taught me how to build an ad that simply works. It brought in 57 leads in 20 days."

Neil Mathweg
Host, Onion Juice Podcast

"Working with Dustin accelerated the growth of my FB page and in turn my business in a fantastic way. We did a variety of engagement ads that really got my community interested in what I was doing, as well as a number of Lead Ads that helped me to grow my database in an inexpensive way. No doubt, Dustin is the real deal when it comes to Facebook marketing ideas and execution."

Kyle Sutton

"Dustin is one of the best resources available when it comes to online marketing and Facebook Ads. He's a practitioner who leverages social media to grow his business and sales pipeline. I've been fortunate to receive so much valuable information from him and I consider him the resource to stay in touch with so I stay ahead of the curve with real estate marketing."

Bob Wahl
Broker/Owner, Wahl Real Estate

"I had the opportunity to work with Dustin on a one-on-one basis in the fall of 2017. The techniques he showed me to create a successful Facebook Ad were amazing! Within the first month I had received over 50 leads from the Facebook Ad he helped me create!! Dustin's approach is market proven and I would highly recommend his coaching to anyone looking to jump start their advertising in social media."

Rory Pitts
Puyallup, WA

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