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9 Texts to Convert More Real Estate Leads Right Now

Convert 5x more real estate leads by sending these simple texts

STOP CALLING YOUR LEADS! I know, shocking, right? But hear me out...

If you’re still calling your leads when they come in, stop it. That’s right, stop calling your leads first thing; you should text them first instead.

Ask if it’s a good time to talk, or if they prefer to text. THEN after that text, you should call if you don’t get a response within a few minutes.

This isn’t just Dustin Brohm saying this;  Verse, the top real estate lead response service, has found this to be the case. They have responded to MILLIONS of leads for many thousands of agents. They used to call first, but then when they looked at the lead response data of what was converting better, they switched to texting first, and calling as a follow-up to the text.

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