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Frequently Asked Questions

Can there be more than one agent or lender in one market?

Absolutely not. Only one agent or lender is allowed per market. The only way there could be two members in the same market, is if an agent refers one of their lender partners, to be members together. Or if a lender refers one of their agent partners and they enroll together. We'll never allow an agent, and then a lender that agent did not refer. You'll never have a competitor in the same market

Why only one agent/lender per market?

There are many reasons, but the biggest is that we don't want more than one agent or lender running the same ads in the same area. That sucks for you, and if a consumer notices, it makes the agents running those identical ads look terrible. We promised you EXCLUSIVE access to these ads, and we mean it. (Unlike Zillow, who sells "exclusive control of a zip code"... that 12 other agents have exclusive control of as well) LOL.

Another reason is the Referral Network. Don't you hate those FB Groups for referrals? Someone posts that they need an agent in Your Town, and 147 different agents pile on saying "pick me! pick me!" It's pathetic. We think we're making the most valuable, most lucrative Referral Network in the industry by ensuring that if someone needs an agent in Your Town, that YOU are the only option. 

Is there a contract to sign?

Hell no. There is no contract to sign or any other commitment. You'll simply be billed monthly, or annually, depending on which option you chose.

What is "a market"?

We define "a market" as the area you work. Your "territory" if you will. Defining a market is the toughest thing we have to tackle, because everyone has a different definition. For the most part, we're letting YOU define what your market is. If you're in a smaller town, maybe it's the whole county. Maybe it's just a few suburbs in a larger metropolitan area. 

However, to keep things fair, if you work in a large city like NYC, L.A., Chicago, Dallas, Phoenix and a few others, you'll need to define a part of that city as your market. Claiming all of Los Angeles is not realistic, nor is it fair to other agents in the area. It's too big an area. In NYC for example, Brooklyn would be one market. Manhattan is another, and so on. In Los Angeles, no one will be claiming all of LA. But they can claim Beverly Hills, Long Beach, Malibu. Newport Beach, etc as their markets. Again, it depends on the area. Reach out to us if you have a question about your market, and we'll help you figure out the best way to define it.

If you have questions about what exactly defines "a market", reach out to me and we'll talk about it and figure out how to balance what is best for you, and what is fair and reasonable.


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